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Coaching and training programs designed to promote well-being.
Ideal for individuals and also groups or teams that want to flourish.
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YOUR WELL-BEING GUIDE. A movement dedicated to empower personal and collective well-being.

A healthy harmonic life starts with healthy balanced habits. But in a world swamped in information, where do you even start? Frequently, the info we get is either corrupted, dispersed, biased or simply irrelevant. And how do you know what’s right for you?

That’s where we fit in. We’re empowering personal and collective well-being for an evolved human experience.

Our programs draw from best practices in life and coaching methodologies. We add scientific research – neuroscience, positive psychology – and traditional wisdom principles. To help you discover your best YOU. And we’re keeping it simple, with customized approaches.


XCoaching creatively combines people management instruments with mindfulness techniques. This mix has very efficient results on improving team morale, increasing team co-operation and idea generation.
Monica Ciurea

Monica Ciurea

Financial Manager
The XChallenge is an amazing experience. My team and I, we were lucky to attend 3 coaching programs. We learned to integrate simple actions into our lives that have a great impact on well-being. Personally, I discovered things that I didn't know about myself or things that I have forgotten. Thank you, XCoaching for your huge contribution into my self development! Can't wait for the next challenge!
Anca Popa

Anca Popa

Team Coordinator
I recommend the Mindfulness XChallenge for everybody that lives in a constant state of anxiety. Thanks to it we have managed to decrease our anxiety during the first days of Covid-19 pandemic. I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my chest. I can breathe again.
Elena Ghioca

Elena Ghioca

Senior Team Lead
I saw the XCoaching programs similar to those of a driving school, created especially to teach us how to listen, analyze, react to our own thoughts and ancestral systems, with the purpose of bringing balance, clarity and love for us and for the ones around us.
Alexandru Sarban

Alexandru Sarban

Sourcing Manager


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